Wednesday, May 9, 2018

In the end it's going to be ok

Wow! It's five years already since the last general election in Malaysia. This year there are so many new parties formed and new manifesto documented. As a citizen of Malaysia and as a voter, I am ready to cast my vote today. I do believe that one vote does matter in our path to choose the right leader for Malaysia. It's the future of our children get decided today.

Some voters are so dedicated and loyal to one part no matter what, some voters are still undecided about which political party to choose, some people didn't have the opportunity to vote due to other commitments and some people just don't care enough to vote.

Tonight is definitely going to be an interesting event when the votes has been tally and they announce the winner. Who will be our next leader? Who will be our next government? Can this new government lead Malaysia to be the best nation among the best? Can they develop the country, focus on the people and be ruthless at making the right decision? It's not easy to rule a country especially in a world where information are every where and communication move as fast as light.

Now more than ever that we as a nation need to be aware of "the Law of attraction", we attract what we like as much as we attract what we don't like. Just be aware of this law. Focus our mind, energy and feelings into what we love and what we want to see happen. Visualise it's already here and be thankful for it.

Anyway, as a documenter I love to capture a few random things about  general election 14.

#1. Google celebrate our General Election 2018 with this image on google search.

#2. These are the people / party I have to choose today

#3. Some random photos from yesterday

#GE14 time untuk mengundi #GE14 time untuk mengundi #GE14 time untuk mengundi #GE14 time untuk mengundi #GE14 time untuk mengundi #GE14 time untuk mengundi

Life can be difficult and hard no matter who rule the country. I am still looking for a place to stay, I am still adjusting to life as a single parent, I am still a happy person, I am still working for the government, I am still missing my mom, I am still hoping that there will be justice, I am still hurt by the betrayal by the people I trust, I am still finding myself, I am still obsessing over Damon Salvator ( I know I know I should move on, the show has ended a long time ago), I am still learning to practice law of attraction to be in my favour and I am still me.

Choose wisely, believe that you make the right choice, feel it in every fiber of your being, believe it already happen and let go. In the end it's going to be ok.

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