Saturday, July 20, 2019

I choose happiness

It has been a really long time since the last time I blogged and make scrapbook layouts. It has been a touch and go for awhile. I am not sure if I wanted to continue blogging and making scrapbook pages. It turned out I just can't abandon the love of my life just like that. Blogging and scrapbooking has been my saviour for a very long time. I really love to be in the flow and get lost in my happy world. I love documenting my life and I don't think I want to stop. 

So today, out of the blue, I picked up my phone a make a few scrapbook pages and touched up with my computer. After I've finished with a few pages, I decided to upload these pages to flickr and blogged about it.

So here I am, just a girl in front of my computer, typing away blog post with only love in my heart. Sharing a little piece of my life to world with a hope that one day my great great grand children can looked back and said that's my Nana and she was awesome!

thisandthat-web Simple-love-web Lovely-web KK-01-web KK-02-web I-Am-2019-web

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I am loved

I know it has been awhile since the last time I write in this blog. I have been on a quest of finding myself, getting to know myself again and learn about self love. It has been an interesting journey for me. I learned a lot in these last few months and I have a plan to share them here. 

I started to scrapbook again and realised that scrapbooking is a way for me to be true to myself and to document my life in a creative way. I am going to enjoy myself, inspire others and leave a legacy. 

This year I choose LOVE as my one little word. I intend to radiate unconditional LOVE. Love my self and be in the vibration and frequency of LOVE.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Basic Drawing you can learn easily

Hello lovelies. How are you this month? February is almost over and I am so looking forward to March. Somehow this year moves a bit faster for me. 
I have been busy with life and managing family of five on my own. So far I am loving the process. I am finally able to do all the things that I love, be myself and be happy.

I have always wanting to learn how to draw. I love art and I always thought that drawing was hard. Thankfully my son Hanif's show me that he can draw easily by following the instruction from Art for Kids Hub youtube channel.

Favorite videos from the channel

I can't believe how simple and easy it was to draw. As long as you can make lines you can draw. I love the energy of this channel, very loving, fun and creative!

My son has been obsessing over this channel for more than two weeks now and he has been drawing and coloring ever since. Here are a few of his art work.


Art-Hanif1 Art-Hanif2 Art-Hanif3 Art-Hanif4

I have also been practicing drawing myself and I really enjoy this creative process. It feels good to know that I can learn how to draw.

Art-Haniz2 Art-Haniz1

I highly recommend this channel for the whole family. Drawing and coloring is one of a fun activity that we can do as a family.


Monday, February 4, 2019

January Memories - 2019

Oh boy! I can't believe that January went by pretty quickly. I do miss writing in this blog and document my life as I lived it. I do need to find my groove back and just do it. I am not going to worry about decorating my memories in a scrapbook format or even in a project life format. 
For now I am going to use my personal blog as a medium for me to record memories of twenty nineteen.

January 2019 memories
January 01- Happy New Year Twenty Nineteen. For the first time ever we didn't go out and took photos of us as a family. I just spend my new year at home enjoying ice cream and watching TV.

January 2019 memories
January 02- First day of school for Hanif. He started Standard One today and he was not happy about it.

January 2019 memories
January 05- Weekend outing with the kids. We went to KLCC to send my Apple watch for repair. Luckily I have bought two years insurances from Apple care.

January 2019 memories January 06- I love Michael Kors smartwatch. It's beautiful but the battery doesn't last as long as I hope it would.

 January 2019 memories January 07 - Nice view early in the morning on my way to work 

January 2019 memories
January 08- "Majlis Perhimpunan Bulanan for 2019"

January 2019 memories
 January 09 - My favorite notebook and pens for writing my dreams and manifesting my desire

January 2019 memories January 12- Meeting and food tasting at Beriani KawW Batu Pahat at Restoran KawW Putera Heights.

January 2019 memories
January 18 - was the day I learned how to renew my car road tax and car insurance

January 2019 memories January 19 - Trying new night cream from fresh. This cream smell soo good.

January 2019 memories January 19 - Love Nasi Bojari from Madam Kwan's KLCC. I don't care how many calories this food consist of. It's totally worth every calories.

January 2019 memories
January 21, 2019 - My son was obsess with drawing and coloring .

January 2019 memories
January 24, 2019 - This is me as I am in January 2019. Life is beautiful and life is good.

January 2019 memories January 25- Reunion 2.0 Alumni Maahad Muar 84-88' batch \

Trip ke Kota Kinabalu Sabah [26-28 January 2019]

  January 2019 memories January 2019 memories January 2019 memories January 2019 memories January 2019 memories
Visiting - Pusat Aktiviti PAKKP Kota Kinabalu Sabah

January 2019 memories January 31- The quest for a new look and new glasses began. 

Even though I didn't take a lot of photos in January, overall I think I had an amazing start for the year. I have a feeling that twenty nineteen is going to be an amazing year! I can feel it!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Three Simple Ways to Improve your life immediately

Assalamualaikum my lovelies. Wow! January could not have move fast enough. We are already passed the middle of January and February is upon us.
How was your week so far? Mine was pretty amazing. I suddenly find my life thinking and planning about my future and praying that this year is going to be the best year yet!

If you are like me, constantly looking for ways to improve your life, you are in luck. Today I am going to share with you three simple ways that you can do right now to improve your life immediately.

1. Exercise or workout every day (preferably in the morning).
I have tried doing this as soon as I wake up and I notice a significant change in my mood immediately. I am more alert and more happy every time I finished a workout. 

2. Journal daily
I know some people might think that journaling is not for them. Believe me when I tell you that journaling can really help you clear your mind and more importantly organise your thoughts. I am not talking about "dear diary" kind of journaling - well you can do that if that's your thing- , here I am talking about the kind of journaling that can help you progress and be a better person.

There are many types of journaling that you can do than can do magic like gratitude journal. Focusing on things/stuffs that you are grateful for can help train your mind or your brain to see and focus more on things that you are grateful for. 
I used to do only making a list of three things that I am grateful for but after reading The Magic, I immediately do 10 things I am grateful for. 
I notice that I can forgive people easily, I am more calm and I am more appreciative of everything in my life.

3. Donate money (Sadaqah)
If you want to attract more money you have to give money. Giving money away is like telling the universe that I have enough. In return Allah promise in the Qur'an that anyone who gives alms in the way of Allah, He will recompense with reward at least 10 times the reward while at most 700 times. That is the magic of sadaqah. Your life will definitely improve in an instant.

Here are a few ways you can Sadaqah

a. donate RM1 everyday preferably every morning just to please ALLAH- make it a habit to donate

b. you can also donate to "Program Ayam Kampung PAKKP" as little as RM250 once and PAKKP will give you cash benefit RM13 every month for as long as you live. The more you give the more cash benefit you will received. This is definitely an amazing program that anybody can join. You can email me at or facebook messanger me (hanizeyecandy) if you are interested to join the program. I will definitely talk more about this in my next post.

c. find a charity that you are passionate about and donate money to that charity monthly or maybe yearly. It's up to you.

There you have it, three simple ways that you can do right now to improve your life immediately this year. It's still not to late to make changes and be the best that you can be this year.
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