Tuesday, February 6, 2018

This month I will .. smashbooking

I just finished watching/ listening to Ali Edwards course materials for February One Little Word workshop 2018. This month assignment is to make a vision board. I am still in the collecting phase and I plan to make the board digitally this weekend. 


Other than that Ali also encourage us to pick on thing that we want to this month and do it. I am a bit nervous with this assignment because picking up a new habit and sticking to it is going to be a challenge for me. So in the spirit of Simplicity I choose to do smashbooking style journaling using Goodnotes app. I used to love smasbooking but the thought of cutting, pasting , coloring on the page physically makes me anxious. With digital smashbooking I don't have to worry about supplies and making a mess. Everything is available to me digitally and I can easily smash things in digitally without too much effort. 


My plan for this project is to 

  • always charged my Apple pencil and my iPad Pro
  • carry these two devices everywhere I go
  • make a few template pages for my smashbook from my digital scrapbook kit collection
  • add the pages in my digital notebook
  • paste and write anything that I want to capture that day
  • browse pinterest and facebook group for inspiration either from bullet journaling or fauxbonichi community


I know that earlier this year I planned to use DayOne app as my go to app for journaling this year. I still used that app daily for gratitude journal and Project 365 journal. I found out that I still have the need to write things down, makes pretty pages and doodling. This is the best compromise that I can think of without making the proses too complicated.

I just wish that I could do water coloring and pencil inking in Goodnotes app. Then my whole process will be much more simpler.

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