Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

I am so thankful that I am still alive to celebrate 2018 with my family. This year we decided not to take our family photo tradition at KLCC. We opt for IOI City Mall near our home. Since my word for this year is SIMPLIFY I am going to keep things simple this year. I choose a location that is near to us and the whole process of getting everybody together is so much simpler. No more rushing everybody out the door just because the commute to KLCC take almost forty five minutes or more than an hour if the traffic was bad.

Happy new year 2018

January is for...

  • choosing my One Little Word for 2018. I decided to join Ali Edward workshop this year just because I want to be reminded about my word every single month
  • I still need to setup my planner for 2018 in my Goodnotes app. Since I am going fully digital this year I can still get everything done my the end of the week. I still need to archived my old planner to make room for the new one.
  • I am using Goodnotes as my One Little Word journal. It's so much easier and I can do the prompt anytime and anywhere
  • Setting up my Goals and plans for 2018 -personal and professional life. I am going to use Todosit, Google Calendar, Trello and Evernote as my tool to be more productive
  • I am not sure if I want to continue doing Project 365 this year since last year I was so heartbroken and didn't have the energy and the desire to do so. I am still thinking about it.
  • writing, reading, doodling, coloring and doing 21 day fix extreme this month. Never stop doing things that I love.
  • journal every day. I intend to fully utilise my Day One app as my go to digital journaling.
  • the theme this year is "the beauty of becoming" I am not really sure what that means, I am definitely going to explore more. I know it has something to do with becoming yourself 
  • I am going to start learning new tools and technique this year. Learning is a beautiful thing that I am not willing to give up.
So how was your new year celebration? Did you do anything special with your love ones? What are your goals and intentions for this year or this month?

" The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the UNNECESSARY so that the NECESSARY may speak" ~ Hans Hoffman

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