Saturday, January 27, 2018

5 more ways to save money

One of the things I intended to do this year is save money for travel. I have been spending way too much money on stuffs that I don't really need. One of the ways to live a simple life is to consume less stuffs. This year I wanted to live the life that I design and take control of my financial. I have to be smart about money even though I am not really good at keeping them. 
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Last two years I wrote about 5 ways to save money, and this year I wanted to add another 5 more ways that I think can help save money.

1.Pay yourself first - I know I should have tired to do this since the last twenty years but I think it's never too late to start. So this year I am determined to put away 10% of my income first before I paid my bills. I usually paid my bills first and then save only what's left which was not that much. The idea is the same as putting the big rock first in the bottle before putting in the rest of the sand. Somehow the rock and the sands or pebbles will fit in the bottle.

2.Practice delay gratification - This is something I am definitely going to practice really hard because I am not good when it comes to delay gratification. The trick is to take a deep breath, take a picture of the stuffs that I want and put it in a list with the price. This will keep my mind quiet and not thing about the stuffs all the time. Than if in six or twelve months down the road, it I still want them then I will consider buying them. I hope I can practice this habit this year.

3.Minimalist - only keep things that makes you happy. One of the ways to live a simple life is to be minimalist. This does not come easy for me because I love to collect things. Being minimalist is something new to me. I am sure I will save a lot of money on clothing because this year I am going to limit my clothing and hijab to a bare minimum. Only buy them if I have space and if I really really want them.

4.Exercise at home - Staying healthy is so important if you want to save money. Exercise can be expensive especially if you have to go to a gym. One of the ways that you save money is to exercise at home. You will save money on gym fee or zumba class fee, save money on gas, parking and time. There are a lot of great workout on youtube which can help you stay healthy at home.

5.Adopt digital lifestyle - Keeping physically stuffs to a minimal is going to be a challenge. With a high speed internet a lot of things can be found online like magazine, books, musics, movies, digital filing cabinet and many more. Most of digital stuffs are much more cheaper than the physical product. I usually try to find the free version all over the internet. This year I did not buy any physical product for planner. I used iPlanner from as my planner and I saved money on stickers, washi tape, color pens and many more. I have everything that I need in a palm of my hand. I am so love the digital life style so far and I am converting bit by bit from physical to digital and it's going to take some time to setup.

Need more ways to save money? Check out   How to Save Money Each Month – 76 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now which I think will help you to save money all around.

Here to the year of Simplify and minimalistic!

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