Sunday, December 31, 2017

The last day of 2017


SoMe RaNdOm ThINgs in 2017 

( in no particular order)

  • I bought so many apple products this year it's ridiculous (I need to go on diet next year hehehe) - iPhone 8 plus, macbook Pro, iPad Pro 10.5" and Apple Watch 3
  • Being on my own is a little bit scary and excited all at the same time. I can do this
  • Travelling to Guilin China with my son
  • Travelling to Turkey with my family was the best experience of my life
  • I bought Kindle Oasis 2017 and reading with this kindles is so much fun
  • I even sold my old Kindle Voyage
  • I stop buying physical planner this year and I am so glad I have migrate to digital planner
  • I choose CONNECT as my one little word this year and I was not able to completely invite CONNECT into my life. Shit happened and I just have to deal with them
  • I decided to subscribe to Pigment Coloring App for a year. I am so obsessed with coloring. It's just a sweet escape for me
  • My second son finally got his driving license this year. He also studied at MMU with his brother
  • My daughter got 5As in her PMR exam
  • I got a chance to ride Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. I can checked that off from my bucket list. 
  • The first time ever I spend RM2400 on a piece of clothing. I just can't believe how light weight the leather jacket was
  • I got a chance to meet and greet Neelofa in person at Swarovski event this year
  • I am obsessed with Neelofa hijab for about two months and luckily I outgrew them. I just don't have enough space to host more hijab
  • I have been journaling on my ipad this year and I am loving it
  • my dad finally have to move out from our home at Jalan Dedalu.  I no longer has a place that I can call home at my hometown. 
  • SEA Game 2017
  • I have a new boss this year - PPP and PPK
  • Star Trek Discovery starts this year. I am hoping to catch up with the show soon
  • I having been fighting a losing battle for a very long time. Finally this year I decided to end it. It is going to be another long and cold battle I have to fight before I can finally be free
  • Staying positive has been hard for me but I am not going to say NO to happiness anymore
  • Innesfree has become my go to skin care product this year. I decided to only use this brand for 2018.
  • I bought two new cloud storage this year to replace my old cloud storage 
  • Untitled
  • Backup Backup and Backup has become my mantra this year. I need to simplify my digital assets next year. Only take a few photos daily and immediately delete unwanted photos.
  • I have been obsess with Todoist, Trello and Evernote this year. I need to utilize these apps for next year so that I can be more productive
  • I sign up for classes at Udemy and I have been enjoying my time there
  • Learning is definitely the best thing I can do for myself this year. Ooo that remind me to check out the year end sales at Udemy for some more interesting courses
  • I discover Afinity Photo and Afinity Designer. I need to spend some time to learn how to use the app

I would love to wish all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for being a part of hanizeyecandy journey. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! 

         HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!!       

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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