Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stories I've finished this month

Hello lovelies. How was your last few days of 2017 looked like? I spend most of my last few days at work and at home. I can't take the rest of the year off just because I have already took my year end vacation a little bit early.

I have been spending most of my off days watching movies, TV shows and books this month. I would definitely wanted to document all of the things I have seen and watch this month just because sometimes I totally forgot that I have seen them.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


This is a remake of the original Dirty Dancing movie ( I think it was in the 90s). I love stories about dancing and I do remember that I like that movie. I am not sure about the remake because I think the dancing scene were a little bit off.

2. Dirty Dancing Original movie
I immediately search and download the original movie. Suddenly I have the urge to watch Patric Swayze movies. I still love the original movie. The dancing was as great as I remembered. I still love the soundtrack. I started listening to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life song again.

3. Ghost
I watched Ghost again after all these years. I do remember how popular this movie was. It was still fun to watch after all these years since there were a few part I don't really remember

4. Stranger Things Season 2
I've finished watching Stranger Things Season 2 this month. I just can't stop watching all the series back to back. I think I've finished the whole 9 episodes in three days. This is definitely a must seen TV show of 2017. I don't know why I am drawn to all the characters and stories. In all the stranger things that happened in a small town, it feels little bit familiar. 

5. Fuller House Season 3
I never thought that this new twist of Full House will make it to Season 3. The more I watch it the more I care about all the characters in the show. I just wish that Michelle will come back to her role , probably show up on her sister wedding or something. It feels a little bit weird that she's not among the close family. I would definitely love to see DJ and Scott ended up together finally. Somehow it gives me hope that it might happen for me too

6. Flatliners 2017
I was curious about this movie. I think this is also a remake of Julia Robert's movie. I need to watch that original movie again. I wasn't to thrill about this movie but it was okay.

7. Taken 2
This is a rewatch for me. I watch this movie again just because most of the scene were shoot in Istanbul Turkey. I am in a mission to watch movies that were shoot in Turkey. It's so much fun looking out at the familiar places that you have been too.

8. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
This definitely one of the book that I enjoyed reading this year. I think it's the only book I've finished reading this month. I really wish I could see this book on big screen. Read my review here.

9. Kingsman 2
I watched this movie on my ipad during a long bus ride in Turkey. It was an ok sequel in my opinion. A little bit forgettable.

10. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol2
I have never watch the first movie. I know that the review was not good but I still enjoyed watching the movie even though it took me two setting to finish.

11. Jumanji 2017
I do enjoyed watching this movie on a big screen. It stay true to the Jumanji universe and never a dull moment. I definitely would not mind rewatching this movie again.

I am so looking forward to watch Pitch Perfect 3 this Friday. I am hoping to finish End Game book this month and hopefully I can start a new year with a new book.

How about you? How do you spend the last few days of 2017? Did you watch any great movies lately? Tell me I want to know.

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