Tuesday, October 10, 2017

iPlanner for Digital Life

I have been using iPlanner for more than two years now. I love the idea of using my iPad as my note taking app. Back in the days when there was so many stylus to choose from to use with your iPad. I have tried most of them and I did not find one close to writing as pen and paper. During that time I went from digital to paper constantly. As the result I have way too many paper planners and too many system to get use too.

Iplanner daily

Last year I decided to buy an iPad Pro 9.7" with the Apple Pencil. I really want to give digital planning one more try to see if I can finally ditch my paper planner. Everybody was talking about how amazing Apple Pencil is and they are definitely correct. Apple Pencil just works beautifully with my iPad Pro. 

I am happy to say that these two devices definitely changes things. Earlier this year I bought iPlanner Daily for 2017 and I have been using it daily. This iPlanner works perfectly with Goodnotes App. Then in the middle of the year I discovered that the digital planning community has grown tremendously and there are many sellers on Etsy sell digital planner for Goodnotes App.

Here are five thing why I think you should try iPlanner
  1. iPlanner had been around for the longest time. It has evolve from a normal pdf files to clickable tabs which makes this planner feels like the real thing. 
  2. iPlanner works so well with GoodNotes app. 
  3. The simple designs that allow your creativity to flow. You can design this planner anyway that you like 
  4. Adding your own template and digital paper is so much easier. You can reused any pdf template that you have in this planner 
  5. iPlanner has a few format you can choose - Daily, Vertical Weekly and Horizontal Weekly. You can choose one or you can choose all three.
I am looking forward to 2018 iPlanner which should be out soon ( I hope). I will definitely buy the new iPlanner from digitallyspeaking.net . I am not an affiliate with digitallyspeaking, I am just a fan who enjoy using the product.

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