Wednesday, October 25, 2017

10 things right now ... because life happened

Life has not been good to me. I have been hurt and broken so many times that I lost count. Picking myself up is not an easy thing to do. Nothing in this world is permanent. I have so many worries and concerns at the moment that kept me awake at night. I am trying so hard not to fall apart. Sometimes it feels good to write all the things that you worry about in your journal. And sometimes I just feel like documenting my right now. My life was definitely different back then

10 things right now

1.Learning to love myself again is not easy to do especially when you hate yourself for not being smart

2. I have to learn to be ok with myself. Be my own best friend. I need to watch Wild. I need to find myself again.

3. I am excited for iPhone 8 plus even though many people are waiting for iPhone X. I think it’s so cool to have the same size and design of phone 📱 because I am used to bigger size phone

4. I worry about my kids all the time. I pray that they will be okay with our new normal. We are enough.

5. I have lost the passion to scrapbook since the unfortunate incident. I feel a little bit lost. I really need to get back into scrapbooking because it’s the only hobby that makes me happy

6.I have no idea where this Big Data Project is heading. The idea of Big Data is amazing but the implementation of the analytics and collecting data is the biggest challenge right now

7. I am worry that starting over my life at my age is going to be hard. I have to be strong for my kids. 

8. Two of my hard disks corrupted and I lost lots of data. That makes me sad. I am in the middle of backup all of my data to a new hard disks and organize everything.

9. I wish I could move to a new place where I can be myself, enjoy retirement, read and be in the moment.

10. I am loving iOS 11 

No matter how hard life gets, I need to find the one thing that I am grateful for and just be happy. No one can make you happy except you. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.

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