Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 13: Hobbies I started but never kept up {#30dayslists}

List 13
Today was insane! Apple finally announced the new iPhone X. People get excited with this new phone. The price is crazy high and it's going to be way high in Malaysia.

Moving on to today's prompt, it's all about hobbies especially the one that I didn't get the chance to finish or continue doing.

Hobbies I started but never kept up

Day 13: Hobbies I started but never kept it

The lists reads

  • Project 365 for 2015
  • morning pages
  • collecting Healthy Recipes
  • Knitting
My world collapse in a matter of seconds and I just didn't feel like documenting the darkest moment of my life. So I decided to abandon Project 365 for this year. There's no point remembering these moment. I wish I could take a pill and forget about everything.
Anyway, morning pages was fun to do for awhile but to keep it up is a bit challenging. I might pick up this hobby again.

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