Sunday, April 23, 2017

Project 365-2017 in Project Life pages

I just realised yesterday that I have not make scrapbook pages about my Project 365 weekly. I don't know why other that I have been making layouts that is more related to at theme and events. So yesterday I picked up my phone and started to make my project life pages starting from week 11 until week 16. I wanted to buy more kits from the app but I decided to hold of and used what I already have.

Week 11

Week 11-1 Week 11-2

Week 12

Week 12-1 Week 12-2

Week 13

Week 13-1 Week 13-2

Week 14

Week 14-1 Week 14-2

Week 15

Week 15-1 Week 15-2

Week 16

Week 16-1 Week 16-2

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