Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Good Life 😻

I am forty five years old this year. When I was twenty years old I always thought that forty is old and your life is already set. Now that I am in my forties I don't feel old at all. I feel like I am still young and evolving. There are so many things that I wanted to do and accomplish. Somehow I feel like I haven't live at all. Is this really my life?

Life right now feel unreal. I am living in Malaysia at the moment, the country which I was born and grew up in. I am one of the lucky one who does remember what life was like back then. I do remember what I can buy with fifty cents, which was a lot in 1980's. Things were so much cheaper. I do remember the time when our currency was RM2.50 against USD$1.00. I do remember the life when you solely depend on public phone to call your love ones and write a love letter to someone you admire. The irony was I don't feel disconnected from my family at all even though I can called them once a month.

I do remember what life was like before internet, before computer and before smart phone. I used to think that I can't live without television and now I don't even watch regular tv shows anymore. Now I am hooked and addicted to internet and mobile devices. I can't even put these things down anymore. I am so connected in an intimate way to some strangers I don't even meet in real life. Now with a free phone call, people don't even call each other anymore. Why is that?

What I missed the most about life back then..
  1. Playing outside with my friends. Get dirty and will stayed out late as long as I can
  2. Telephone was such a mysterious device and people who owned them were consider rich
  3. Read books when I want to be some place else. I used to fantasize about life in a castle as a beautiful princess
  4. Not being exposed to corrupt leader and feeling stupid for voting them. No social media to feed you with all the lies.
  5. No GST. Back then we were blessed with the government who were wise enough with managing money and they didn't have to take money from the people to do who knows what. I always wonder what happened to all those GST money.
  6. When someone says I love you, they really meant it. Not many distraction to get in the way of true love. Now I wonder if true love even exist anymore. Now people are always looking for what is out there without even appreciate what they already have. 
  7. Back then your job scope was clear. If you were in IT, your jobs was mainly focus on computer, network and websites. Now when everything has ip address there's no telling which one is related to IT and which one is not. It's such a complicated life we are living right now.
Don't get me wrong, I love technology and all the things I can do with it just because I has a background in IT. I know what I get myself into. Some people just don't understand that computer cannot solve all of your problems. They only do what you tell them to do, nothing more nothing less. 

Sometimes I just want to unplug from the internet, go outside, run, hike, read a book and not worry about work. I do missed the time when life was simpler, when computer was such a mystery to most and when mobile phone was a luxury.

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