Monday, November 28, 2016

When I was young with Photoscan app

I am one of the lucky one that was born during the time there was camera and there was printed photos and lots of photo albums, some magnetics and some pocket pages. I have been meaning to scan them and convert all of them into digital copies. The whole process of converting these memories into digital take a lot of time. I need to take them out of the albums, hooked up my scanner to my computer, launch scanner app, put the photos inside my scanner and scanned them one by one-- which takes a lot of seconds to scan. It's scary and it's cumbersome. 

I've tried a lot of scanner app on my phone to scan photos but the result did not look good. And it's very hard to steady your hand when you are scanning with your phone. So I abandon the project with the plan of picking it up again when I have the time, which is never.

Then I found out about Photoscan by Google. Finally the photoscanner app I have been waiting for. The whole process of converting my old photos into digital format become so much easy. No computer needed. Just your camera and your photos. Photoscan app is intellegent enought to eliminate all the glares that you have when  you take photo of a photo.
While doing this project I found this photo of me when I was in Secondary School. I don't even remember when the photo was taken, what year and where it was taken. Amazingly I found this writing behind the photo which I don't think have anything to do with the photo.

Here are a few samples of the photos taken with the app


Untitled Untitled

For those who are curious about the app, watch the Yotutbe videos below:

Hopefully this will help you with your journey to convert all of your printed photos to digital. Not bad for a free app and the integartion with Google photo is amazing. I totally recommend this app.

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