Monday, November 7, 2016


It's that time of the year for Form Five Students in Malaysia-- SPM fever is here and my son is one of the candidates for 2016.

I am taking the day off to give my son a moral support to face a three weeks exam in November. This is the exam that is going to map a path for his future. Too bad that in Malaysia we are still focusing on the SPM results to assess the intelligence of one person. There are so many forms of intelligence which can not be determined by SPM, I just wish were are mature enough to move pass this. Apparently we are still stuck in industrial age even though we are living in information age.

Enough about that. Today is all about my son and his fight to make a mark in this world. I pray that he will thrive in anything that he do. May Allah helps and guide him to be a better Muslim and a better person. The best thing in life is to find your passion and get paid for it. 

Good luck my dear son. May success will always be yours regardless what the SPM result may be.

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