Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Favorite 2016

My sweet November is coming to an end. Today is the last day of November and in about 31 days we will celebrate new 2017. Only 3 years left for 2020. 

  • I am loving Country Heat by Autumn Calabrese this month. It's a low impact workout but it is so much fun. I love country music
  • I am lusting over Macbook Pro with touch bar. I have been watching Youtube channle about this macbook. I know that I want this notebook when I first saw it on Apple October event
  • I've finished watching Stranger Things 8 episodes tv siries on Netflix. I enjoyed the show so much
  • I subsribe to CBS all access this month. I wish I have all the time in the world and be free spirit like Xavier on No Tomorrow.
  • I love Photoscan app by Google. This app is so cool and I am definitely inspire to convert all of my old photos to digital format
  • I am still obess with iMessage and have been collecting stickers to whole month. I wish everybody can experience how cool iMessage is
  • I am enjoying morning run during weekend. I am in love with running. I wanted to in enjoy this if possible everyday but with the raining weather almost daily I am not sure if I can do it
  • I am obsess with Bullet Journal this month and it has work perfectly for me. I will be continuing using this system for December.

I hope you had an amazing November. No matter how hard life gets, try to stay positive and look for things to be grateful for.

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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