Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 1 // A recent picture of you and 15 facts about yourself #30DaysOfMe

I found this blog series on and I decided to play along. It should be fun to see how I answered these prompts now and compare them to one or two years from now. 

Day 1: A recent picture of you and 15 facts about yourself


1. I am now officially addicted to climbing the stairs at work. It's the best feeling in the world when you can accomplished this one little task every morning.

2. I have update all my mobile devices to iOS 10 and my watch to watchOS3. I am loving the new operating system so far

3. I am contemplating between Daily Burn and Jari Love on demand streaming services. I am always looking for ways to be active and stay active

4. I enjoyed my day off from work. Living a normal and simple life is a bless

5. I still miss my mom so much. There's so much I wanted to tell her.

6. I secretly wish I can create Malay food recipes that can help Malaysian loose weight easily including me.

7. I need to upgrade my clothing 

8. Don't hate me but I love Apple Music

9. I love dancing. I can't listen to an upbeat music without moving my body

10. I secretly wish I have more time to read for please and not rushing to finish a book just because I have way to much book on my TBR lists.

11. I am not a fan of emails. Managing them has been a hassle for me. Receiving hundreds of them per week is not fun.

12. Trying to maintain a size S dress size is definitely a challenge for me. At age 45 I don't loose those extra weight easily anymore

13. I would rather stay inside rather than a crowded place

14. I love online shopping except for clothing. I love to try first because I will only buy clothing that fits me perfectly.

15. I wish I could wear running shoes all the time especially at work. I love to run rather than walking.

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