Monday, July 18, 2016

Part of cultivating a good life is be happy

I am a happy person in general. I like happy and beautiful things. I am always looking for happy things and doing things that makes me happy.

Last week I was hit by a tornado - someone from my passed accused me of doing something bad years ago even though it was not true. These hurtful words can easily hurt me if I am not careful. I have a decision to make- I can either reply hurtful words back to that person and get suck back into their crazy world or I can ignore the accusations and decide to be happy instead (and make a police report to protect myself). After all happiness is a decision. Decide to be happy no matter what. Never give other people the permission or the power of your own happiness. This is the lesson that I have learned and it's not easy to do. It takes a lot of will power to control your reaction and your emotion when you feel like you have been wronged.

When life hit me with some lemon, I decide to make some lemonade. 

These are a few things that I did to be happy instead of obsessing over revenge or something like it.

#1. Focus on Du`a - Allah is the one you turn to for help and guidance. I believe that Allah will protect me and help me when I am in despair. Du`a is where I find peace and happiness. Never put your faith in human, put your faith in Allah.

#2. Salaah Tawbah - The more pain and hardship you face in live try to be humble by praying. Pray Salaah Tawbah a lot because asking for forgiveness is a path to peace and happiness

#3. Forgiveness - Forgive others who have wronged you. Forgiveness is for your soul and your peace of mind. It's a recipe for a happy and peaceful life

#4. Recite Quran - the more you feel hurt and angry about other people, about life, the more verses of Quran you recite. Believe me there's no cure for your broken heart other than reciting the words from Allah. Quran is the medicine to feel happy and be happy

#5. Exercise - there's something about exercise that release a happy hormone. I can never be sad after a great workout. The more I exercise the more alive and happy I feel.

#6. Scrapbooking - this is one of the best therapy for me. Creative outlet for me to express myself. All those beautiful scrapbook kits can make me smile

#7. Journaling - the best way to release all of my negative emotions are through journaling. Writing things out or getting things out of my head can help me sleep at night. I don' t really like to keep bad emotion and bad thoughts on my mind for long because it really weighs me down. Journaling always help me to see things more clearly

#8. Watch Netflix or hulu - I can't never get enough of Netflix and hulu. Watching all those TV shows or movies can help me escape my reality a bit. It's a good way to see different perspective of life.

#9. Read a good book - I love reading. There's nothing like it

#10. Dance - Get your body moving to a rhythm can be therapeutic. Dance like no one's watching



What do you usually do when things get hard, when life gets hard? Do you go for revenge or forgiveness?

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