Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Focus on health

I am obsessed with hitting 10,000 steps goal per day since April when I decided to invest in Fitbit Alta. Back then my main reason for getting the Fitbit Alta was to monitor my sleeping pattern but it has turn into an obsession. 

I am very good with keeping up with the daily step goal but when Ramadan comes it gets harder and harder to reach 10,000 steps daily because I was not very active during the day and during the night I was busy with other stuffs.

When Syawal came it gets much more harder to reach the daily step goal and maintain my weight lost because I was not in my normal routine. Traveling and eating Eid foods have contributes to my sedentary routine and weight gain during long holidays. 

I am happy that now I am finally on my normal routine. I am able to get back into my fitness routine and my normal eating habits. I decided to continue doing 21 day fix extreme Round 4 and T25 Focus Beta/Gamma daily. My goal is to increase my heart rate for at least 50 minutes daily.

I have successfully achieve my weight lost goal during Ramadan which is 56kg and in one week I have managed to gain 2 kg. So I decided to set a new goal which is to get my weight to 55kg by August. I think it's an achievable goal. I am thinking of doing Insanity Max 30 again after I have finished with 21 day fix extreme. I need to find a way to burn more calories without pushing my daily steps count to 16,000 daily. I might add heavier weight lifting program in the mix. I am thinking of doing Jari Love Get Ripped routine in the mix.

I am so glad that I have a planner for me to document my journey and write things down. I am also happy that I choose FOCUS as my one little word for this year. FOCUS really help me to get things done and achieve my goal one day at a time.

I am still not sure about calories in and calories out and how to control what I eat, I am still learning and discovering things about myself and the food that I consume. My next mission would be to create a healthy recipes for me.

So far I am feeling so much more happy and fit. I love my new lifestyle. Say YES to health and say YES to FITNESS.

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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