Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WWDC 2016: My reactions!!

As a developer, as a technology enthusiast I am super excited with WWDC 2016. I wish I can be there and experience the event live.

What I am excited about?!!

  • iOS 10 of course. I think this is the major changes of iOs. The main actor is definitely iMessage. I love iMessage. I wish I could send iMessage to anybody including android users. I am not sure if you can do that with this new upgrade. People in my circle are using Whatsapp which I don't really like. I had to use it for work purposes. I love all about the new iMessage - the scribble - invisible ink - emoticon got bigger - full screen animation -emotion bubble thingy any many more
  • Finally they redesign notification. I finally can see my wallpaper now with notification. Oooo I love the new wallpaper, so pretty.
  • I am not that excite about the map because I like Waze better. You can never get lost with Waze. I had such a bad experience using Apple Map. I am not sure I trust this app yet
  • Next one that I am excited about Apple Music. Am I the only one that love Apple Music? This is the most easiest music streaming and the prettiest. I found basically all the music that I am looking for including the Quran. I can't wait for the new one.
  • Apple Pay, I am excited about that but too bad Malaysia still has not adopt that technology. I think it's about time we push for Apple Pay here. No more cash.
  • Watch OS 3 is the one that I have been waiting for. I cannot wait. Apple load faster, there's a scribble mode that I can finally use, fitnesss app got social - and they add some new faces 
  • And finally macOS Sierra ! I am excited that now I can unlock my mac with my apple watch. I wish we could do that with all my application at work. Life will be so much simpler and faster. Picture in picture is finally on macOs, I can finally watch Youtube while doing other stuffs. And Siri is finally available on macOS, I love Siri but sometimes I forgot she was there to server me. I might want to make it a habit to talk to my devices. It feels like living in Star Trek mode. heheheh...
In conclusion, I will definitely upgrade all of my devices when the new softwares are available to the public sometime in Fall. Hemmm I am not really sure when is Fall? Is it August? September? October? 

Anyway what do you think about the new updates? Do you excited about it? Or you just don't care? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think?

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