Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#ramadandaily album 2016

I have been doing #ramadandaily photo project for about three years now. I really enjoy capturing my life in photo daily during Ramadan. I have been printing those photos on my Canon Selphy printer and put them in my Project Life mini album. I really enjoy looking back at these photos and instant remember what that Ramadan means to me.

So this year I will be filling these album from last year and document a little bit facts about that day. I am lucky that I kept those memories in my album and also on my blog.

I am thinking about changing the journal card that say #ramadan daily 2015/2016

This is the first page on the album. Direct to the point. I usually will include my selfie. I like seeing my self evolve through out the years. I am not the kind of person who like to look the same. I like changing and reinventing my self. I like to see that I can be the best version of my self.

I like that I keep the date and the day on the photo. I need to remember to do that this year.

I straight away continue with #ramadandaily for 2016 with the same concept.

My plan for this year is to capture my Ramadan daily as it happened with the daily prompt. Print the photo if possible daily and slip them in my album. Write a few things about it on a journal card.

If I can't print daily, I have to schedule doing it alt least once a week.

What are your plan from documenting your Ramadan? Share with me I want to know.

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