Wednesday, June 29, 2016

15 things that I think about on my commute to work

I have been working for more than twenty years now. Wow that is a long time for someone to be in a work force. I have never thought that I would have work this long. I guess being in a government sector can really makes you immune to the work life routine. 


My commute to work takes about twenty minutes on a good old days but now the commute takes about forty to forty five minutes. So many people have migrating and living in my housing area that really contribute to heavy traffic in the morning. I usually drive to work by myself while listening to music or book on my audible. Usually during this time so many things can pop in my mind that I suddenly wish I can stop and write things down in my planner.
  1. I can't believe that the government sector is no longer the safe place to be. So many changes that focus more on serving the one on top and not so much in helping 'the people'. I so so miss the era of our old prime minister which I think focus more on the comfortable life of the people.
  2. Why are so many cars on the road today? Where did they come from?
  3. Did I kiss my baby today?
  4. I have to get my inbox to zero today
  5. I can't wait for Friday
  6. When is our currency will be at the normal rate? Urghh I really hate that!
  7. GST? Hemmm what happened to the money?
  8. I need to fill up my gas today
  9. We need to have a team discussion today. So many new things come in and I can't seem to keep track on all of them
  10. I am still debating weather to invest in Erin Condren planner for 2016-2017
  11. I want to try bullet journal
  12. What are we going to have for iftar?
  13. 7 habits of highly effective people book should be a mandatory subject in school or at work. It's so relevant in today's world
  14. I need to buy a new shoes
  15. Should I quit my job and stay at home?

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