Thursday, May 26, 2016

The journey so far...

Ever since I bought fitbit alta in April this year, I've become obsessed with steps. Achieving 10,000 steps a day has become my number on goal. Before fitbit I never realised how static my life was, hitting 10,000 steps seems impossible.

Begin with the End in mind has become my habit when it comes to reaching 10,000 steps. I love seeing those numbers move up every time I moved. It's like an addiction. In the beginning I started with hitting at least 6,000 steps during office hours and 10,000 steps by 9:00 pm. 

In a month I have managed to achieve that goal and more. Naturally this mont I set my goal to hit at least 9,000 steps during office hours and 10,000 steps before 7:00pm. It's such an amazing feeling when you hit the 10,000 steps goal. 

(view from the top - 18th floor with Geng Panjat Tangga)

The four things that I did in a day to achieve 10,000 step goal or more are:

1. Climb the stairs at work - I am lucky that at work, we have 17th floor to climb and conquer. At first I was only able to climb up to fifth floor, it was tough and my knee hurt so bad. After awhile I decided to go for it, up to 17th floor. This activity boost my steps count to at least 800 steps in less than 8 minutes.

2. Jog in place or jumping jack for 60 seconds every two hours - this will definitely buy me around 300 steps

3. Take the longest route - walking around my office area can buy me at least 300 steps

4. Exercise - What a better way to end the day other than working out. With at least 60 minutes of active workout I can easily get at least 3,000 steps.

I am happy with the results. So far I have managed to achieve all the goals set in fitbit alta app - steps, calories burn, distance and active minutes in a day. The only thing left of achieve is sleep. I am still unable to get 7 hours of sleeps. I might need an action plan for that. 

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