Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Essential Tools for memory keeper

I was so upset these last few days. With all the death that going around I can't help but felt a little bit vulnerable. Sometimes when you thought that you are strong enough or brave enough to face life at it's lowest but you are only human. You can only take so much pain and when you reach your threshold, you fall apart.

The only thing that keep me happy lately is making memories especially happy memories and all the things that are related to it.

As a memory keeper these tools definitely will help with documenting life on a daily basis.

#1. Polaroid Zip Photo printer
- I can't wait to grab one of this printer. So portable and cute. There are so many projects comes to mind like using it for planners, journals and project life.

#2. Canon Selphy CP910
- I already have this for almost a year now. I love that I can print 4x6 photo right from my phone. This is definitely handy when I want to make a memory book or project life album during weekend. No more waiting for photos to be develop at the store.

#3. iPad mini 4 in GOLD
- I am always happy and in a good mood when I thought about iPad or any other apple product. I can't believe how easy it is for me to get seduce by apple. Since this year they are not going to release any new iPad Air, I might consider getting myself a new iPad mini. 

#4. Apple Pencil
If only the apple pencil works with my existing iPad I will buy one in a heartbeat. This pencil will definitely works great for writing and drawing.

#5. Project Life App
- this is definitely one of the most useful app for memory keeping. No more worries, no more catching up.

#6. Cute Headphones for your playlist
I love listening to music or audiobook while working on my craft. Having a cute headphones definitely help making the whole process fun.

#7. Notebook
- Any cute notebook will definitely help when I want to document life with pen and paper

I will sure will be one happy memory keepers if I have at least one of these tools at my disposal.

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