Sunday, November 1, 2015

November is for

Wow is November already. In a few weeks we will be entering 2016. I can't believed that this year is ending. Anyway I am eternally grateful for all the blessing in my life this year. 

November is for

  • Cize the End of Exercise is here will be the workout I am into this month. Can't wait to master all the moves
  • We are going for a week vacation to Gold Coast Australia. I am super excited about the trip.
  • reading goal this month is to read Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith. Can't wait to start reading the book. I might add Vengeance in Death and Pretty Girls to TBR pile this month. I haven't touch that book in October.
  • it's my daughter birthday month. She will be thirteen.
  • Apple TV perhaps. I am definitely get myself one but I am still not sure if November is a good month to buy one. We will see.
  • enjoying photography with iPhone 6s plus. I just got the phone and I haven't got a chance to really enjoy photographing with this phone
  • preparing a journal notebook for my Australia trip. I am thinking of bringing my instax share with me and probably doing a little bit of pasting and journaling during the trip
  • I decided to use my FiloFax Domino A5 planner for 2016 with Kikki K inserts. I am looking forward to set it up ahead of time.
  • I am obsessing over Episodes TV Shows. This month I will marathon and finished season 3. Thankfully it's only 9 episodes per seasons
  • creating more Project Life layouts for the rest of November

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