Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life or something like it

1. I just can't believed that in less than a month I said goodbye to old friends. I know people come and go, nothing is ever permanent in this world but come on three people at once?! This is too much. (The drama queen in me want to scream !!!!) The sad thing was they were asked to move out just because they said no. Saying no is not a bad thing.

2. I have been using my new iPhone for almost a month now. I am digging the new feel but I still have to use the phone to it's full potential. And I still don't get Live Photo? What is it for?

3. I am setting up my 2016 planner on my iPad. I love using GoodNotes app to host my iPlanner 2016. I am totally in love with the simplicity of going digital but the thing that bugs me is backing up to dropbox. My iPlanner 2015 is huge and apparently I can't sync or backup huge data to dropbox. I have to backup to iTunes instead. Now I am trying iCloud syncing. I hope this will solve the problem.

4. I am sad that there's no upgrade for the iPad Air. I live iPad Air 2 and I can't live without it. My planner and my life are on the gold iPad. I hope that next year Apple will go back to basic and push iPad Air to the future. I don't get the iPad Pro and that gigantic iPad is definitely not for me. I am digging the Apple Pencil which I hope they will make one for the other iPad.

5. I am looking at my old Canon IXUS and thinking that I need a new point and shoot camera. I know my phone can take an amazing photos on daily basis but depending solely on my phone to take photos during vacation makes me nervous. I do no want to be running out of battery or space when I want to capture those beautiful scenery or adorable kangaroo.

6. Getting closer to the end of the year. Saying goodbye to 2015 is going to be hard. Saying hello to 2016 is going to be so much easier especially when I am much more wiser when it comes to picking out planner and setting them up.

7. I don't know what to do. I just can't get my weight to go down. Believe me I've tried so many things except control my carbohydrates. So this week I am determined to go cold turkey by cutting down carbo and see what happens. Hopefully this little change can make a big impact. I am so sick of having a flabby stomach. I hate not able to move around smoothly.

8. I am so excited because this is the last week of school. Next week school holiday starts. The most important thing is the traffic to work is going to be light. No more rush hour and no more screaming in my car.

That's all for now....

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