Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 reasons why you should try Mobile Memory Keeping

I have been using Project Life App since 2014. I just realised that this year I have been using my phone even more for making a scrapbook layouts. I never thought that one day my scrapbooking style will change and there's an app to help you make a beautiful layouts and journal your story in a palm of your hand.

I can honestly say that this year I am obsessed with mobile scrapbooking. If you have not try mobile scrapbooking before, I think or I believe you should give it a try. What you got to loose? You have all your photos in your palm already.

Things that you need

1. Your phone
2. Photos
3. Apps
4. Internet connection (optional)

What I used?

1. iPhone 6 plus or iPad Air
2. Dropbox - most of my photos and kits are saved in dropbox. This app is accessible from multiple devices so you have access to your images and scrapbook layout from anywhere
3. Project Life app - I mostly did my scrapbook layouts here using the templates and the kits from the app
4. Phonto - I used it for adding extra elements, photos and journaling. I like that this app allow me to add my own fonts
5. Pic Tap Go - for photo editing. I mostly did my photo editing on my phone
6. Rhonna designs - I just started using this app and I still have a lot to learn. But from what I have discovered, it gives my scrapbook layout more personality


1. Tools that you need is basically there

It's 2015 and almost all of us have a smartphone. A piece of technology that you used not only for talking but for taking photos, record video, jot down ideas, dairy, calendar, planner and many more

2. Scrapbooking on the go

Before I used to read books where ever I go and when ever I have the chance. Now I scrapbook. While waiting in line, in a car, while eating, watching favourite show on repeat, while eating and even before bed. 

3. Writing down your memory has never been this easy

Now you can write/type you memory immediately as it happened. No more waiting to get home and in front of your computer to do that. Oh boy! Sometimes I feel old when I still crave or need to use a computer. Some how computer feel so ancient.

4. Search engine in your palm

When ever you want to look something up or search for images you can just google them. And when you find the images that you need for your scrapbook you just save them to your camera roll. 

5. Screen capture anything

You can basically capture anything on the screen of your phone and it will be available in your camera roll. Things that you can screen capture and put in your scrapbook are your text messages, Facebook status, tweets, FaceTime session with your love one, favourite website/blog, favourite app , your playlists and many more. The option are limitless.

Here are a few of mobile scrapbook layout that I created today to get you excited about this new trend.




The one problem that I have now is I am running out of photos to scrapbook. This has never happened to me before. What a nice problem to have.

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