Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 tips // Surviving life at home when you are sick

The weather in Malaysia is going to be raining most of the day especially in the evening. I hate to travel in a bad weather and sometimes I just got sick. Being sick is never a fun thing. It's even not fun when you are home alone and no one is around to attend to your every needs.

Every time this happened, I always do these few things to survive the whole day while waiting for your family to get home.

1. Take your pills early in the morning

So that you don't forget to take them. It's important for speedy recovery

2. Take a nap

 Not too long please. When there's nobody at home I tend to sleep more than usual. The calm and the serenity of a home that I welcome when I am sick

3. Drink more water than usual

When you are sick especially when you have a fever or a cold, your body needs a lot of fluid to recover. So don't forget to drink lots of water.

4. Take the opportunity to be creative

I usually do scrapbooking or journalling in the afternoon after I got a lot of rest in the morning. It feels so good to just do the things that you love. It really helps to boost up your mood and speed up recovery.

5. Exercise

I know, I know when you are sick the last thing you want to do is exercise. I believe that a good sweat can help speed up your recovery. When you are feeling a little bit better, try to squeeze in 30 minutes of low impact workout. Believe me your mood will improve after feeling your heartbeat beat faster than usual.

By the time I done with all of these fun activities, you will feel so much better and so ready to face the next challenge (being a mother again).

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