Thursday, July 30, 2015

Right Now

Hello everyone! How was your week so far? Hopefully everything works out great. As for me life right now is going great. I do hope that it will get better.
I decided to retire my #thursday3 project and change it to life #rightnow. I kind if miss update something random about my life at the moment.

Making - listersgottalist August challenge in a journal. I like to change it up by not doing it the same every time

Vacationing - not doing this enough. I usually consider staying at home and not going to work as vacation also. Last week I had 4 days off from work due to Eid celebration. I was totally loving the freedom of not having to punch in to work.

Cuddling - my planner and journal. I have missed writing in journal and planner because due to Eid celebration we have to be apart of awhile.

Planning - my next family vacation. I was looking at New Zealand, Australia and Spain. My heart is leaning towards Spain.

Reading - Faint Cold Fear by Karin Salughter. I am loving her book so far. This is my second book by the author.

Listening - Apple music. I am loving the services so far. It's less confusing than Spotify. I might continue after three months trial is up.

Watching - I am watching again Terminator series and started to watch Modern Family series.

Favorites app - netflix and iflix -- streaming services for movies and TV shows

Favorite Project Life Kits from the app - Playful Edition. I just love the beautiful and colorful kit. I have been using this kit a lot lately.

New Movies watched - Terminator Genisys and Ant-Man

Current Obsession - doodling and anything related to it.

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