Friday, July 3, 2015

July is for...



  • decorate and plan with my digital planner for JULY 2015 using GoodNotes app

  • continue fasting for the rest of Ramadan

  • celebrating Eid in the middle of July

  • I will continue doing  #listersgottalists challenge for July. This  month I am still doing the lists digitally with GoodNotes and iPad. I just love how the last lists turned out.

  • backing up my May/June photos to flickr and my iMac

  • target to read at least two books this month. Hopefully I can read more (--- continue from last month lists)

  • shopping and planning for Eid 2015

  • Making scrapbook layouts using my phone. I am challenging myself to do all my digital scrapbook page using my phone this month.

  • Revisit My Details project. Dedicate one weekend to finish this project. 

  • My motto this months would be MOVE MORE EAT LESS  I am determine to get my weight in control. Pushing down the scale even 1 kg a week is not an easy task. Somehow my body don't want to let go of these stubborn fat.

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