Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eid wishes in a journal

Ever since I get obsessed with doodling and journaling in the last few weeks, I decided to do something different this Syawal. Instead of waiting for Eid Cards and wishes from people you love, I decided to bring the journal to them. They can write or draw anything they want in this journal.

At this point of time, people seem to have forgotten about the art of penmanship. Write for the sake of writing, making things personal and the art personal touch has lost it's niche. I intend to bring them back- write for the sake of write, creating something on a blank paper with a pen/pencil.

I am so wanting to create something special this Eid, so the Memori Aidilfitri 2015 was born.

I used this pink notebook (urghh it look purple on photo) that I have been keeping since January as the home of this year Eid wishes. I gave them a black pen and let them do what ever they want with the page.

After that I added a few photos and doodling to make it more meaningful and prettier.

I never knew that my nice can draw and she loves to draw

If they said that they can't draw and don't know what to write, I just asked them to sign their name and I will add photos later.

Photo 7-25-15, 8 54 23 PM

My nephew is brilliant in linguistic. He writes this pantun spontaneously in less than 10 minutes.

Oh boy! I totally forgot that my husband knows how to draw. It's one little detail that skip my mind after all these years. Gosh technology did killed our ability to create and draw with pen and paper. I think I have not seen my husband draw since back in 1991 - the time when we were a young adult and still learning about one another.

This journal still has many empty pages. I intend to extend this journal to my friends and colleague. It's about time I discover their hidden talents. I intend to fill out this pages, if not the whole journal at least 80% of the pages. 

Photo 7-25-15, 8 54 08 PM

Photo 7-25-15, 8 55 01 PM

Photo 7-25-15, 8 55 13 PM

This is definitely one of a fun project for memory keeping I have ever tried. It definitely bring back a lot of beautiful memories from my childhood. Anybody here remember Autograph book ?? You will be surprise by what you learn about people a long the way. 
I just found out that my mother in law knows how to 'pantun' (Malay poetic form of oral expression). I never knew that about her before.

Maybe I will do a flip though when I am finished with this project. Hopefully I can filled up the book before the end of Syawal (around 17 August 2015).

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