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10 ways to prepare for Ramadan

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Ramadan is only about one week away and I am excited to meet the month of Ramadan again. As the Muslim there's a lot of things that you can do to prepare for the fasting month. Ramadan is more than about fasting, it's a spiritual journey, it's about your devotion to Allah and it's one of the path to Jannah. Each year we should determine to improve our practice and strength our faith. 

Here are 10 ways that you can do to prepare for Ramadan

#1. Learn or refresh our memories about the law and the benefits of fasting and the blessing of this holly month.
= Knowledge is power. It helps you to fully commit and worship Allah with open heart. Knowledge also gives meaning to everything that you do. 

#2. Practice waking up one hour earlier than usual
= Waking up early in the morning has it's own benefit. Other than preparing for Shoor and reciting Quran or praying, a lot of things can be done early in the morning like cleaning, planning and many more. So for this week try to set your alarm at least 30 minutes early than usual. Tell yourself to just get up.

#3. Recite Quran at least three time daily
= If we are not in the habit of reciting Quran daily, try to recite at least 10 verses. Keep increasing the verses daily. By the time Ramadan comes, Insya Allah you don't have any problem continuing reciting Quran.

#4. Exercise
= This might not be in anybody's lists but for me working out is as important as taking a bath. It is a battle between mind and body. I realised that by doing Insanity Max 30 workout helps me practice to tell my brain to push one more even though my body wants to quit. This exercise help me to prepare myself not only physically but mentally when you are tired during the day and all you can think about are those yummy cold ice tea.

#5. Restock on dates 
= I am starting to keep the habit of taking three to four dates daily. It helps my to maintain my energy through out the day. So it's a good idea to restock on dates so that when Ramadan comes I have lots of dates in stock to help keeping my energy up through out the day.

#6. Plan your activities for Ramadan from now 

= Ever since I got obsess with planning and all things related to it, I can't help but notice how much my life improve. Now I have beautiful planner to help me plan for my Ramadan. like Menu planning, what to have for Sahur and Iftar, when to schedule my workout session, time for Tarawikh, reciting Quran and all the Dua's. 

#7. Reduce eating during the day
= Start from today try to reduce your food intake during the day. Eat smaller portion and drink lots of water. In a week your stomach might get used to smaller portion of food and won't be craving for more. 
Eating less should also be your goal for Ramadan. With limited time to eat I don't think we will have enough time to eat. There are so many things and activities that you can do during the night.

#8. Write a gratitude journal
= One of the ways to cleanse your heart, document your gratitude. Be thankful with what you have. Put all the gratitudes on writing can help you focus on what you have and not on what you don't have.

#9.  Groceries shopping
= With you menu planning, comes the groceries shopping lists. Try to buy all the necessary ingredients before Ramadan. Shopping on an empty stomach is definitely not a good idea because you tend to buy more than you need.

#10.  Ask for forgiveness and forgive others
 = It's definitely a good idea to ask for forgiveness and forgive others especially among family members. Call your parents and your extended family. Be charitable and compassion as much as we can.

I am taking this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers Happy Ramadan and may this Ramadan be better than before. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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