Friday, May 8, 2015

5 things you can do with your digital scrapbook kits

Hello lovelies. How are you today? I hope that everyone is healthy and happy especially after shopping digital scrapbook kit last weekend during iNSD 2015. Like all of you scrapbook fanatic I also bought a lot of digital scrapbook kits especially when they were 50%. I just can't resist the temptation.

A week has gone by and you have made all the beautiful layouts that you wanted to do will all your purchased kits and you are wondering what more can I do with these digital kits other than let them stay inside my computer or dropbox.

So I am here to share with you five things that you can do with your digital scrapbook kits (other than scraping I mean).

#1. Make a project life layouts or album

Instead of buying project life digital kit, you can used your existing digital scrapbook kit to make a project life album. You can keep the files digital or print them out.

soulmates-webtoo many choices-web

#2. As a planner decorations

As a newbie to planner decorations world, I am constantly looking at stickers, washi tapes and journaling card to decorate my planner.
Instead of looking for a new supplies, I can just look at my stashes to be use in my planner decorations. Some of them I print out on sticker papers to make stickers out of beautiful images from my digital scrapbook kit.

#3. Handmade journaling cards or greeting cards

One more thing that you can do with your digital scrapbook kit is to make a greeting cards or journal cards. 
I basically reused my digital papers and elements from my collection to make these beautiful Eid Cards for my friends and family.


#4. Art Journaling

Ever since I saw hobonichi and journaling walk through on youtube, I am totally in love with the idea of putting images and photos inside my journal. I also like the idea of putting
Art journal

#5. As a dashboard dividers for your planners.

Either you are using a conventional planners or digital life planner, you still can used your digital scrapbook papers to make your own dashboards. Most digital scrapbook papers have textures and beautiful colors which you can crop or cut to fit your planner.


Hopefully these will give you guys some ideas on the things or projects that you can do to reuse your digital scrapbook kits. Sometimes giving a breath of fresh air on your existing things can give new meaning to it. Make you see things differently.

Have a pleasant and creative weekend everyone!!!!

- hanizeyecandy-

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