Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To do list Stamp for your Key Life Planner {iPad version}

Ever since I got my Key Life Interactive Planner from, I have been obsessing with making my own elements and stamps for my digital planner. I still find the same amount of joy as conventional planner with digital planner. 

Here is a digital stamp of to do list that you can add to your digital planner page. You can also convert this .png file (in your adobe photoshop ) to brush. You can use stamp on your printable page. Just stamp this to do list before print.

Here is a sample on how you can use this todolist-stamp on your digital planner.


{Note: For GoodNotes user, just tap and hold on the screen, choose insert image and choose Dropbox or any other cloud storage that you used and choose todolist-stamp.png . The image will be add on the page. You can resize the image as you like. Then you can write directly on the image. }


To download this todolist-stamp, click here. Have fun with it!

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