Sunday, April 26, 2015

Not so baby any more! He is three years old today!

Happy Birthday to my darling son, Hanif. He is three years old today. I can't never really believe that he is three already. Suddenly I don't have a baby any more, I have a little boy in the house with lots of energy, likes and dislikes and so many more adventure which only three years old brings.

Something random about him at this adorable age
  • He is getting less and less obsess with the iPad. He is discovering his world and play more with toys and other stuffs.
  • He can recognise, alphabets, numbers and colors. All in English thanks to youtube
  • He is an articulate boy, he speaks so clear
  • I love when he called me - Mak oh Mak - so so cute!
  • He is getting less and less scared of my blender.
  • He love pink. It's so cute when he order pink drink.
  • He doesn't like chocolates
  • Taking photos of him is a little bit challenging at this age
  • He sleeps through the night. Yeah for mom, no more night feeding
  • He rarely take a nap during the day. He got a lot of things going on
  • He loves cars, trucks, balls and play dough

hanifage3-2 Photo 4-26-15, 10 51 50 AM Photo 4-26-15, 11 52 12 AM Photo 4-26-15, 11 52 30 AM

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. 

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