Saturday, March 14, 2015

Taken with the iphone 6

It's really easy to fall out of love with the iphone 6 when suddenly the iphone 6 plus looks so much better and more appealing. After using my iphone 6 for four months now, I am not that disappointed with the size anymore. Somehow my hand can handle the phone like it was meant to be.

My weekend is full with a lot of photography opportunities and suddenly I realize that I have been using my iphone 6 as my go to camera instead of my dslr camera.

I used my camera app and some filters and the quality of the photos are good enough for memory keeping, scrapbooking, project life, instagram and blogging.
I just realize that I am falling in love with my iphone 6 all over again. And my love for photography bloom again.

I don't use flash with the iphone just because in my opinion the flash doesn't really work well. I used filter app like pic tap go or vscocam to make the photo brighter.

I am so in love with this photo and I also love this shop (typo at klcc).

And these photos of the two of us.

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