Monday, March 23, 2015

Project 365 [ Week Twelve]

Week twelve was a busy busy week for me. I was so moving around so much that I did not have the time to sit down in front of my computer to do mindless surfing, downloading Tv Shows and to online shopping. If I have to choose one word to describe my week, I would choose happy.


DAY 075- I took the day off on Monday just to tight up loose end with my dad and my brothers. On the way back, we stop at Seremban to visit my uncle in the hospital.

Day 075

DAY 076- I was fasting today. At the end of the day I can't think of other food to consume except spaghetti or anything related to pasta.

Day 076

DAY 077- My dad came by our house with his new bride. We had a barbecue night and small get together. 
Day 077

DAY 078- Thursday comes again and it's time for another selfie . 
Day 078

DAY 079- We had our dinner first before going for family outing, which was movie night at GSC IOI City Mall. I love love the GSC cinema there. We watched Insurgent.

Day 079

DAY 080- Saturday could not come fast enough. After attending a wedding at Shah Alam, we went to Damansara. My main objective was to visit Spotlight, new craft and home decor store at IPC. Sure enough I was so excited with all the beautiful craft thingy that they have there. I just can't wait to come here again. 

Day 080

DAY 081- It's Sunday and the Bookerville International Book Festival was held at PICC. Sure enough I had to come here with my daughter. This year they have so many beautiful stationaries selections. I can't help but to put the cutest one in the shopping bag. 
Day 081

These are my life in photos for week twelve for 2015  . So many things happened and if I don't take the time to document them I might miss a lot. I still believe when you took the time to document the every day and the good things that happened in your life, you will be more grateful. Just saying.

Do you join Project 365 this year?
 If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to 
see your work and a glimpse of your life in 2015 

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