Saturday, March 21, 2015

Planner 2015 Setup : Filofax style, wired and digital

I just can't help myself from exploring anything beautiful and fun. Late this year I stumbled upon youtube channel that talks about Planners Setup and Planner Decoration. This was around the time when I was looking for Planner Reviews. I was totally stunned by so many such channel exist. They really went all out to decorate their planners and made them beautiful. 

As always, when it comes to designing and decorating I've always start with digital version fist because I am good with Adobe Photoshop, I have tons of digital scrapbook kits waiting to be reuse again  and I already have an iPad.


For my digital planner setup these are the things that I used:
  • iPad Air
  • GoodNotes App
  • Adonit Jotscript Stylus
  • Digital Kits
  • Digital pdf 2015 Day Planner
I made a blog post about how I setup my 2015 digital planner. If you missed that entry, you can read all about it here.

I have already have a weekly planner for 2015 in A4 size which I've decorate with washitapes, photos and stickers that I have available in my collection.

blog-planner02 blog-planner03

Mostly in this planner I put down all my office appointments. I was happy with it for the first two months. Then I realized that I don't have any room for my lists, projects, blog ideas, future planning, blog ideas, weight loss planning and many more. So I think I definitely will need a binder type of planner.

Then in March, when I need to find something new to obsess about, I bought myself a treat. I bought Carry It A5 6 ring binder. Originally I wanted to buy Filofax A5 Binder but there was only one left at Kinokuniya and I don't really like the color. I settle for Carry It with the color hot pink. 


I was too excited to start decorating this planner and make it pretty. This is when my obsession really kick off. I can't stop looking for stickers, colourful pens, washitapes, keychain, scrapbook papers, beautiful pouch and many more.

Take a pick at how I decorate my planner so far. I am still setting up this planner to fit my lifestyle. It's a process that I am currently enjoy doing. Now I understand why those you tubers have so many planners. 






That's for now. I am planning to go out today and hunt for more beautiful stationaries and add them to my growing collection.

Here are a few channels that I enjoyed watching.
1. How to Customise Dark Mint Kikki K Planner
2. Decorate with me February
3. Planner Setup & Organization 2015 [Part One]
4. Stamps, Planners & Fun
5. How to Organised & Decorate Your Planner
6. How to Stay Organised | My Kikki K and Erin Condren Planner
7. How to Stay Organised: Inside my Erin Condren Planner
8. 10 ways to Personalise your planner
9. How to use the iPad like a Traditional Filofax, Day Runner, Franklin Covey day Planner
10. 2015 Kikki K Time Planner Setup
11. 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner & Project Life Setup
12. Planning my day & filofax setup
13. 2015 A5 Kikki K Planner Setup & A5 Collection Video
14. Anatomy of a Perfect Planner
15. What's in my Kikki K Planner

There you have it, all the things that makes me want to jump into Planners, decorating and probably making my own inserts either digitally or to print out. We will see. Hopefully if you have not setup your planner and love to make them pretty, this post will get you excited and point you in the right direction.

And by the way if you live in Malaysia, there is planner addict malaysia Facebook group which talk about planners, stickers, pens and all the things related to it. Yes ladies, you are not alone. 


Unknown said...

Hii, where do you buy the carry it a5 binder?

Hanizeyecandy said...

Hi Jesslyn, I got the Carry It A5 Planner from Kinokuniya. I think you can also get it from MPH.

Unknown said...

Wow look amazing! Im looking for a planner and tq for recommending this!

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