Monday, December 29, 2014

10 favourite blog posts of 2014

In less than a week we will welcome 2015. So far life has been pretty amazing with all its up and down. So here's a look at my 10 favourite blog posts of this year. (for the first half year.. I might make part two if I have the time.... heheh... Enjoy!)

#1. I started the year with choosing Write as my one little word for 2014. It is definitely a challenge to keep up with the word. Writing does required thinking on my part and time to really sit down a write.

#2. I am also making Simple=Done as one of my motto for 2014. Life as become too complicated. We do need to simplify things so that things got done. I shared these few tips to make life more simple.

#3. I love writing a blog posts reflecting on things. Next year I am definitely will continue this tradition. Hopefully I can get one up in January 2015.

(photo credit: ijustine coolspotters)
#4. When I realised that I don't have internet connection back in February I was totally panic. Suddenly I don't know how to use my computer. I shared a few things that you can do when you don't have internet. Luckily I do remember way back when computer exist without internet. There are so many things you can do without being connected.

List 21
#5. I love playing a long with 30 days of lists. This year I join Amy and Kam with 30 days of lists journey. Making lists is one of my passion which I intend to do and continue doing in a really long time.

#6. I love apps and I love productivity. When you put these two things together, so many things got done. Yeah!

#7. My youngest celebrate his two years old this year. Living with a two year old can be so much fun and challenging at the same time. Love him so much.

#8. After contemplating between Instax Share and Instax Mini Camera, I decided to invest in Instax Share instead. I am not a great photographer, so using a manual camera make me nervous just because the instax film is not cheap. I am glad that I bought Instax Share printer. It's so much fun printing from your phone.

#9. Panda is finally here in Malaysia. I had so much fun visiting them at Zoo Negara. I shared a few tips that you can do to get the most out of your visit to Panda Conservation Center.

#10. Instead of letting my Ramadan sliped by without any documentation, I decided to make the most out of my One Little Word Project and Photography project by consciously documenting my Ramadan. Ramadan is a special month for me, I like reading about them and take a peek at what's life was like way back when.

2014 has been amazing, and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me. Thank you for reading and be a part of hanizeyecandy journey. Thank you so much.

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