Saturday, November 22, 2014

IOI City Mall first trip

I was so excited to know that IOI City Mall is opening near my area. I think it's about time that we have a big mall around here. I went to the mall yesterday with my kids. I did not expect that many people but I was totally wrong. The basement 1 car park was already full when arrived.

What do I think about the place?
- I am super duper excited because of Sephora, Machine, Tesco and GNC are within reach.
- Border bookstore is coming soon. I do wish they have Kinokuniya and Popular here
- If they have one beautiful art supply and stationary store than I am set for good. Never have to leave bangi again

- the Surau (prayer room) is on the second floor. That means you have to plan your day well, otherwise you will spend more time walking to the surau ( I secretly wish they have one near the basement--- or maybe they do -- that place is huge)

- even though the place is still new there are still plenty of things to do and buy. A lot of shops have special opening discounts and prices. 

If you are looking for a new place to explore this weekend than I highly recommend IOICITY Mall as your destination

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Pinangso Loro said...

penuh ker?? alamak... nak pegi tahu baru ni... harap2 dapat lah tempat yg selesa sikit nak parking... kalau tak kena pegi time hari dah kerja lah nampaknya

Afifah Addnan said...

new mall is so exciting to go for..hopefully i can went there someday..when i rajin la..haha..

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