Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 things to write about when you have a writer's block

I was super duper busy lately that my editorial blog post got abandon this month. Well when this happened I usually go back to basic and doing things I love which is listing. Lists never failed me before. 

I bought a digital project life kit called Life Lists Kits. It is a kit about lists! Yeah finally something easy for me to do when making a scrapbook page using digital project life kit.

Since tonight I only got a few minutes to spare, making a layout is out of the questions. So for today I am just going to make lists.


Here are a few prompts that you can use if you run out of ideas

#1. Today I ...
  (I love random prompt like this because I can just write anything that comes to mind today ..)

   - I am happy that I make the commitment to exercise
   - I cooked dinner which is not something that I usually do during working days
   - I am a little bit jealous that some of my colleagues are going for long vacation at interesting places like Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, China and many more
   - I started listening to Cop Town audiobook at audible

#2. Five things I buy if I had a million dollars
(This is one of the prompt from Life Lists Kit. I totally love lists like this. I can daydream... yeah...)

i.  A Mansion - at least I have a place to stay
ii. A bookshop/stationary shop with cafe where people can just chill, buy books and drink coffee
iii. A jet with a pilot - I really want to travel the world 
iv. A really really expensive computer system complete with all the gadgets and high speed internet connection
v. Diamond Jewelries 

#3. Five DVD workout I enjoy doing this year

i. Jillian Micheal Killer Abs
ii. Mike Donavanik's Extreme Burn: RIPPED
iii. Focus T25
iv. Jari Love Get Ripped 1000
v. Kathy Smith Ultimate Sculpt

#4. 10 of my favourite things this year

i. Project Life App
ii. iPhone 5S
iii. Booktuber ( I just discover it on youtube this year)
iv. Audible ( another thing related to books that I enjoy this year)
v. iMac 21" model - I never thought that I would switched to Apple. I have always been a windows user. I am so glad I made the leap. This machine is totally amazing
vi. Benefit Pore minimizer
vii. Mac mineralizer compact powder
viii. Project Life Sunshine Core Kit
ix. Canon Selphy CP910
x. Instax  Share Printer

- Wow! What a year?! I have never realised that 2014 I bought a lot of ICT gadgets. Seriously, Wow!

#5. Eight movies I enjoyed watching this year (so far)
[I have not watched a lot of movies this year but I still have a few favourites ]

- November Man
- The Maze Runner
- Divergent
- The Fault in Our Stars
- Captain America: The Winter Soldier
- X-Men Days of Future Past
- Maleficent 
- Blended

#6. 5 Movies I do not recommend

- Godzilla - I don't think I watched this movie till the end
- Transformer Age of Extinction - I still can't finished watching this movie
- Lucy - I regret watching the movie
- 22 Jump Street
- That Awkward Moment

So what are you waiting for? Life in lists is so much interesting and easier to make. When run out of ideas, always go back to lists.

If you have any interesting lists/prompts that you think I should do, please leave in the comment below. Thank you

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ilass said...

waoh...sounds interesting, do something on prompts.

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