Saturday, June 14, 2014

20 things you can do this Ramadan


Ramadan is only about two weeks away and I am excited to meet Ramadan again. Other than not eating during the day, there are a lot of things and activities that you can do during Ramadan. I decided to make a 20 things you can do during Ramadan lists which can help me be more present and live an intentional Ramadan. Everybody knows that 29 days can go by pretty fast. If we don't plan and capture the memories we are going to miss out on a lot of beautiful things around us. Here are my beautiful lists:
  1. Eat dates during sahur and iftar
  2. Recite Quran every chance you get
  3. Listen to Quran recital during that long drive to work
  4. Organize and tagging digital photos. Keep the best ones and delete the rest
  5. Read a new book
  6. Clean out your closet to make room for new outfits
  7. Take a photo everyday during Ramadan
  8. Drink 1 litter of water after iftar and 1 liter of water during sahur
  9. Salah Tarawih every night either by myself or with my kids. I just hope Hanif will be kind enough to play by himself during that time
  10. Take supplement like Vitamin C, Calsium, Omega 3 or Primrose Oil 
  11. Use DSLR camera that has been collecting dust 
  12. Catch up on One Little Word assignments
  13. Download all the summer TV shows and watch them after Ramadan
  14. Write and capture life little details on Dayone app
  15. Organize and clean your computer
  16. Record a vlog of your Ramadan
  17. Continue doing Project Life
  18. eat less, not more
  19. Plan a healthy meal during Iftar and Sahur
  20. exercise at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week 
What do you think of my list? Are any of these things on your to-do list for Ramadan too?

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