Monday, May 5, 2014

Today is all about you // Seventeen

In 2010 he was thirteen years old, in 2012 he was fifteen and a blink of an eye he is seventeen today.


05.05.2014 - Happy Birthday to my dear son, may all of your dreams come true.

All I want for you is..
 - be all that you can be
 - be the best at what ever that you do
 - be yourself
 - what ever you do in life never go beyond what stated in the Quran and Hadith
 - Remember Allah always
 - and remember me always
 - be good to others
 - enjoy what you do, love what you do and if possible get paid for it
 - work hard and work smart
 - be kind to your brothers and sister
 - love yourself and take a good care of it
 - eat well and live a healthy lifestyle

And remember I will always love you no matter how old you get.

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