Friday, May 23, 2014

Reality Bites : Update Report

Last Friday I decided to make a commitment to loose weight together with my friend. It was a project that I have intended to do for a very long time but with no results.  So last Friday when I weight myself on a scale at the office and it showed 64.8kg which was more weight that I have ever been without being pregnant. It was kinda wake up call for me. I did everything that I am suppose to do, I workout right and I try to eat in moderation but some how all those things doesn't seem to work anymore. I need to find something that works for me at this point of time.

So last Friday I made a goal for myself  that in one week I wanted to loose 1kg and I have list out all the things that I wanted to do, at least all that I can do in one week, as a guideline for me.


1. Change my diet 
I decided to be more conscious about what I ate and drink. Instead of ordering Milo ice, I choose Green Tea or lime juice. Instead of eating fried rice, I choose white rice. Instead of having rice every single day, I mixed it up with more protein and vegi

2. Document what I eat and drink for one week. I am going to use my DayOne app for this
I have been documenting what I eat and drink in my DayOne app like crazy.

3. I will also be documenting how I feel about the food, the workout and anything in between for one week. This will be a good point to start. I need to assess which method works and which method doesn't. It feels like my body is going through some changes and I have no idea what is going on.

4. Consume at least one glass of hot green tea at least once day
I find it hard to maintain because some nights I just didn't have the time to sit and enjoy my green tea. I only did this for four days. I need to do better next week

5. Make a one week workout plan that includes cardio for 25 minutes per day, weight workout and pilates 
I have been following my workout plan to the letter. I am trying very hard to push my limited on every workout.

6. Fasting from Monday to Friday to train my body to adapt to less carbo intake per day 
I decided to fast from Monday to Thursday. I decided to skip Friday because I have so many activities plan for today and I wanted to see if I can eat something wisely.

7. Drink at least 2 litter of water even though on the days of fasting
So far I have managed to drink only one litter of water during fasting. It's not easy to drink lots of water at night.

The results: 
Currently weight: 62.8kg
I can wear my wrist watch without feeling tight. It fits perfectly.

I am still a long way to go because my ideal weight is between 56kg - 60kg. I have like 5kg to loose. It's seem hard to do without fasting. 

So my next experiment is to try and loose another 1kg in one week without fasting.

My Plan of Action for the next 7 days
1. Increase my workout intensity. My goal is to break a sweat. Mix and match routine to surprise my body
2. Drink green tea daily
3. Slimming body massage at least once
4. Drink at least 3 litter of water daily
5. Continue documenting what I eat on a daily basis
6. Go for a 15 minutes run at least once
7. Stop eating rice for the next 7 days
8. Stop drinking drinks with sugar in them. So no milo, nescafe and no fruit juice. Drink milk, herbalife tea or plain water instead. (I really need to see if this works or not)

This will a nice experiment for me to see if I can get results with these routine. Finding a healthy lifestyle that I can live with is very challenging. Wish me luck.

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