Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 things // why I love iphone 5s

Most people I know used Samsung or Sony as their go to smartphone. They have so many beautiful things that they like about those devices and they are happy with it. I totally know what they meant because not long time ago I was a SONY Xperia user and an android user. It was back in 2010. I like Sony especially when it comes to music and camera quality. It was the best. Jumping to an iPhone was a big leap for me because at that moment I don't really have any preference. Boy I was totally blown away by iPhone 4, mostly because at that time there were a lot more apps on iPhone compare to android.
After I jump into iphone world, I have never look back. 
[Credit: taken with iPad Air and created using iphone5S]

Now I owned an iPhone 5S and I am loving it. I am not sure if I want to write a blog post raving about iPhone because some people are put off by the price. For the quality and the value I got from the phone, cost becomes relative and sometimes cheaper in the long run. In a way iPhone is a smaller computer in your palm.

In the end it's what fits your lifestyle and your needs at the moment is what matter most.

5 things why I love iPhone 5S

1. The Battery Life
The phone remains light weight and the battery life is pretty good. I was a little bit worried about the battery life when they changed the chip to 64bit. I can heavily used the  phone for almost eight hours straight without charging.I think this is due to the microprocessor build in the phone.

2. It's faster
I have never used a smartphone that is as fast as iphone5S before. The speed made the other phone seem slower in comparison. iOs 7 works beautifully on iPhone5S.

3. It's Gold
I just can't believe that I have a gold iphone in my hand. It feels luxurious like a princesses with a golden tiara.

4. The Camera quality is amazing
Nothing beats the camera quality of iphone 5S especially the front facing camera. As a person who loves taking photos on a daily basis, having a great go to camera is definitely a plus in my book. Finally my selfie look so much better.

5. It fits perfectly in my hand
This is a plus for me because I don't like bulky phone. I can hold the phone with one hand and it feels like an extension of me.

No matter what choice of smartphone you pick, the most important thing is you are happy with it and it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. After all a phone is just a tool to help you improves your life. It is not a competition or a trend.

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