Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 things // philosophy line

I have been using all kinds of skin care products like forever. I love experimenting with different brand and different treatment just to see how my skin response to it.
Lately I have been loving Philosophy brand and currently I have been using Hope in a jar night cream, full of promise , miracle worker cream and purity facial cleanser.

Note: I have a combination of normal to dry skin and my skin is not that sensitive.
5 things why I love these product
1. I can easily get them at Sephora store
- accessibility is very important for me because I really hate to use a product which I can only buy in other country or at the airport. It's very hard to maintain if I get them easily.
2. I really love the texture.
It feels smooth and rich on my skin. I really feels it's doing the job of moisturising and hydrating

3. I love the packaging
It's light weight and have a flat top. It's easily organized and stack on top of each other without falling over.
4. It absorb easily
I don't have to spend a long time to massage the lotion for it to really sink it. This save me a lot of time.

5. I used Purity facial cleanser to wash my face every night. It's gentel on my eyes and I can use it to remove makeup and eyeshadow. I love the milky texture so it doesn't dry up my skin.

I highly recommend this brand if you have dry to normal skin. I am no sure if it's works amazing on oily skin.

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