Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kota Tanah // Sofuan Ibrahim

Back in March I wrote about my missing friend on flight MH370. Until now the search for the flight (I hope) is still going on. It seems to getting less and less attention from the media.


No matter how long, I am still hoping and praying for his safe returns. Call me a dream, call me optimistic, as long as there are no debris and no bodies found, there are still hope. So many things and so many possibilities can happened.

In the mean time, I don't stop praying for his safe returns. For those who was asking, this is his blog. He hasn't updated the blog since he left F skim and move on to PTD skim. I am not sure if he made another blog documented his life journey as a PTD, but from this Kota Tanah blog, it was his journey when he was an IT Officer.



5uzan6 said...

tenQ for MSI's blog :)

~Ana Su~

5uzan6 said...

TenQ for MSI's blog

~Ana Su~

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