Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 13 [Project 365]

I just love school holidays, too bad it's only one week long. Tomorrow the traffic is going to be horrible again. My week started with me taking two days off from work. I love the time I have to do my own thing and spend them with my kids and family.


day 83 - “Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” - John Jakes.. This quote appear in my Day One journal prompt. Love it. 
I took the day off today and spend it with my brother and his family. We went to visit Faiz at his home and see his new born baby girl (Aisha). Finally Damia meet Aisha for the first time. The two cousins born two weeks apart this year.
day 083

day 84 - I love spending time with my kids. And every time I hand them a camera things like this happened. Hazwan just discovered that I have the new iPhone and he immediately try the camera and the video first.

day 084

day 85 - I just can't grabs the idea that my baby is almost two years old. Today we went to Macdonald and I gave him four pieces of nuggets and he ate them all.

day 085

day 86 - Oh boy! This little guy wake up quite early in the morning and he is not making my morning routine easier. He constantly wanting my attention which is very difficult when I am trying so hard to get ready for work.

day 086

day 87 - You are Katherine Pierce, suck it up. A quote I got from Episode hemmm I don't remember which one but from the new season of the Vampire Diaries. Such a powerful statement from a Vampire Stefan. Life is hard, suck it up and move on.

day 087

day 88- My son spending time with his father at Petronas Grand Prix, Sepang.

day 088

day 89 - Another beautiful Sunday morning. Both of them wake up early this morning and as usual we went for Sunday morning breakfast. It's time for Oldtown White Cafe breakfast delight.

day 089

These are my life in photos for week thirteen. So many things happened and if I don't take the time to document them I might miss a lot. I still believe when you took the time to document the every day and the good things that happened in your life, you will be more grateful. Just saying.

Do you join Project 365 this year?
 If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to
see your work and a glimpse of your life in 2014

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