Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 12 [Project 365]

School holiday is here. And I am happy to spend it with my kids. And the best thing about school holiday is there's no traffic jam early in the morning. 


day 76 - Just another manic Monday, or rather a slow Monday. I don’t have the energy to go to work today. I wish there’s on more day between Saturday and Sunday so that I could have a long weekend. This is a photo of my favourite lipstick from urban decay called obsession. I just love the colour.

day 076

day 77 - I just love watching him play with magic colour pen. Scribbling on the paper randomly without thinking too much. He love the colour pink. I think the bright and beautiful colour attract him because the other colour in his collection is not so bright. He can only scribble on the paper for a few minutes before he continue on to his feet and clothing. Oh boy! 
day 077

day 78 - I am making a workout plan for this week using ical on iMac. This calendar will sync with my google calendar and it is available to me on my ipad and iphone.

day 078

day 79 - I attend 1GovEA at Institute Latihan Islam Malaysia (ILIM). This is where they present the findings from last month survey. I still have no idea how 1GovEA will be beneficial to my Ministry unless the Business Owner involve in the process from the start.

day 079

day 80 - I love watching him playing by himself right in front of my room. So so cute!

day 080

day 81- It's durian time. We wanted to eat Musang King durian but it was out of stock. We settle for the second best but we still look for the soft and creamy durian.

day 081

day 82 - It's time to visit Bookerville Internatinal Book Fair at PICC, Putrajaya. It wasn't what I expected. There's not many books and it's only MPH. I finally bough Wreck this Journal just for me.

day 082
These are my life in photos for week twelve. So many things happened and if I don't take the time to document them I might miss a lot. I still believe when you took the time to document the every day and the good things that happened in your life, you will more grateful. Just saying.

Do you join Project 365 this year?
 If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to
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