Friday, March 14, 2014

Today I....

Today I ....

  • am in the middle of discussion outside the office

  • am still worry about what happened to the passenger of MH370. So many theories, so many speculation going around the internet

  • feel less safe when travelling by air

  • don't feel like going anywhere. Staying at home is still the best option

  • am wondering what my son is doing right this moment

  • still have the desire to own macbook pro

  • am thinking of buying instax printer. That is exactly what I have been looking for

  • plan to eat only three times a day and not eat in between meals

  • love my camera

  • can't stop thinking about my Project Life. I am so obsess with it

  • can't wait to go home and continue making my journal and scrapbook

  • am still praying for the safety of my friend Sofuan Ibrahim

  • am worry that my plan and goal is not working

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Santan Manis said...

nice entry :)

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