Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still missing #prayforMH370

It has been two weeks since flight MH370 gone missing and until now there are still no hard evidence regarding the where about of the flight and the passengers. I am still in shocked with the whole incident. Things  like this don't usually happened to Malaysia. So many theories and speculation surrounding this incident that I just don't know which one is the truth. All I want to know is what happened to my friend Sofuan
I have been dreaming of meeting him twice already since the incident. Somehow I can feel that he is still here with us. Somehow he is okay and somehow he is trying so hard to go home, to his family and friends. The not knowing what happened to him makes these whole thing so hard. I just don't know how to feel and how to process what I am feeling right now. So many emotions, so many memories and so many feelings. 
In the mean time all I can do is pray for his safety and May Allah protect him and the other passengers. May he is able to come home, safely.

I pray for his safe return.


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